Our September 2019 Speakers


April Caldwell, MBA

Leveraging Live Events To Grow Your Business

A reformed financial advisor, April helps professional women create a luxurious lifestyle without debt, guilt or deprivation. Having created and facilitated 100+ events, April will talk about how to use the live events to create impact, influence and income. Whether you attend, speak or want to organize your own events, you will find the first steps during this session.


Dr. Kim Bynum

The Unapologetic Saleswoman

When the stakes couldn’t be higher and when organizational dysfunction is literally grinding your business to a halt, it takes a seasoned conflict resolution specialist to chart a new course. The Unapologetic Saleswoman, provides insight and practical how to’s for overcoming some of the most common concerns and self-doubts and erasing the negative connotations of selling.


Courtnie Nichols

Attracting the Right Client. Find your perfect client by focusing on your strategic partnerships, presence and pricing.

Courtnie is the lead travel designer and founder of TravelBash. After years as an ambitious fundraiser, she set out to build the leading boutique travel company from the ground up. And guess what? She did it. She inspires others to boldly take on the world from innovative road trips to lush five star destinations. A certified travel agent, expert event planner & natural connector, she uses her powers to make destination hopping an every day reality. When she isn't boarding a plane or soaking up the sun, she is mama to her fur baby Zoe and wife to her coaching hubby.

jenna waites

Jenna Waites

Profitable Productivity – Increase your productivity without increasing your time, to increase the profitability of your business.

As a recovering engineer and 2-time Peace Corps volunteer, and the founder of 3 companies, Jenna has learned how to combine her analytical, systems-based engineering background with an innovative and creative approach to develop custom business solutions for seemingly insurmountable issues. For the past 7 years as CEO of Waites Ventures, she has utilized her knowledge and experience to assist small business owners in creating streamlined processes that allow them to spend more time doing what they love while growing their businesses and increasing profits.

heather alice shea

Heather Alice Shea

Summon Unshakable Self-Confidence in 3 Easy Steps

Heather is an Intuitive Life Coach, Life Coach Trainer, and Business Development Strategist who helps emerging coaches clarify their purpose and create heart-centered systems, packages, and products that book their business solid. She is the founder of Atmana Coaching Academy, the world’s first evidenced-based Intuitive Life Coach Training & Business Development Company that integrates psychology, spirituality, and energy-based methodologies into the coaching paradigm. Her work has been featured in top publications like Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, and Best Self Magazine. She currently works with clients all over the world via Skype in her signature down-to-earth style full of humor, heart, and the occasional swear word.


Wendy Griffis

Build a repeat and referral machine | How to create raving fans who love you, refer you, and use you over and over.

Wendy Griffis Realtor (R) and group leader. In 2018, she was listed is in the top 15 of all real estate agents in the Jacksonville Florida market according to the Jacksonville Journal Book of Lists. Not only does she know how to run a successful business, she has a passion for helping others do the same. She has written the book Recognize the Difference, as her calling card to the consumer and agents on how running a business differently than the "status quo" can produce amazing results. This session isn’t just for Real Estate agents!

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Shevonica Howell

Jump & Own It. It’s A Game Changer!

Shevonica is a proud Mother, grandmother, Army veteran, motivational speaker and author. Notably, Ms. Howell has created an award winning business plan, a personal motivational quote, trademarks and opened a private school and nonprofit organization that caters to students that have experienced disparity in education. She believes in life-long learning, paying it forward and she leads by example with integrity. Shevonica is determined to be more than what others say she will be, motivated enough to push for what she wants to be, and she’s destined to be what she was born to be...A TESTIMONY!

Stephanie Mack Borrowed Babes

Stephanie Mack

Timeless Content Creation: Why “Blogging” Will Never Go Out of Style

The Borrowed Babes, written by Stephanie Mack, is a clever fashion and lifestyle blog focused on looking and living luxe for less. She uses wit, southern sass, her inside industry knowledge, and the occasional awkward photo to give the world a humorous take on utilizing high-end clothing rental services mixed with wardrobe staples from your favorite local boutiques to slay the everyday runway. She started blogging in 2017 after winning her way to the front row of NYFW and hasn’t looked back since. She’s a full-time marketing consultant in the fashion industry, a rescue dog-mom, and loves all things Jax. Stephanie’s biggest pet-peeve is colleagues who don’t support one another and works hard in marketing and blogging to share her knowledge (the good, the bad, and the ugly) whenever she is able.

Bobbi-lyn empowering positive change women event

Bobbi-Lyn Dawson

Empowering Positive Change:   Discover Your Inner “Change Agent” and Gain the Powerful Authority to Take Charge of Your Change! 

Bobbi-Lyn, the owner of Power Up Training and Consulting, is a Change Agent! As such, she has found it takes bold courage and a conscious choice to effect change in our life, business or career…and it takes empowerment for the change to stick. After more than 25 years of Corporate success in the fast-paced Spirit Apparel and Fashion Industry as a National Trainer and Sales Manager, a bout with breast cancer changed everything for Bobbi-Lyn. It encouraged her to do more than just survive the day to day…she chose to THRIVE! She is driven to help others find the Change Agent living inside of them. Bobbi-Lyn will help you discover your voice, find your passion, and fervently pursue what you are being called to do. Learn practical steps to Take Charge of the Positive Changes you want in your life! “Your life doesn’t get better by chance…it gets better by change.” (~Jim Rohn).

betzy santiago

Betzy Santiago

Build a Network Worth Connecting With

Betzy knows what it means to never meet a stranger. Throughout her life of continual change even as an adult moving every 2-3 years, she had to quickly learn how to connect with people and ask the right questions. When everything in her life changed except the reflection she saw in the mirror, she had to build a new network worth connecting with. Her ability to understand a person’s needs moments after meeting them and being able to match them with opportunities served her well as the City of Jacksonville’s International Officer and now as a Business Strategist at FSCJ. Get more out of networking today. She is a tireless promotor of others and you can be too. Learn more about Betzy’s journey from brain fog to hyperconnectivity to now living a life of gratitude and purpose – a life where connectivity has become her community.

Plexus Stefanie Shaughnessy Women's Event

Stefanie Shaughnessy

Awaken the Leader Within

Stefanie is a Detroit, MI native who’s been a FL resident since 1998 and worked in law enforcement from 2000-2014. Throughout those years she served as an officer, detective, instructor, and team leader of a Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Her time in law enforcement coupled with her personal experience of friends and family who struggle with mental health issues inspired her to start volunteering with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in 2007. Today she serves as the Secretary of the North Florida Chapter of the AFSP. Stefanie resigned from her LEO career to stay home with her son in 2014. During that same year, she joined an independently owned health and wellness company;Plexus Worldwide. She is currently a Sapphire Ambassador with Plexus with a team of over 6,000 people. She is married to a law enforcement officer and mother to a six-year-old son.

Toni hernandez

Toni Hernandez

Innovation + Culture (at Work)

If you’re in a leadership position and you want to inspire and engage your people, consider leading with strengths as superpowers where failure is a dot-connector. It is about creating an environment where people celebrate risk-taking. Learn new methodologies that drive innovative cultures in the workplace. Toni is a leadership developer, risk-taker, culture change agent, and lover of a sweaty workout. She is most passionate about visionaries, no bullsh*t human connection, and companies who invest deeply in the development of their people. She is founder of Leading Ladies 904 and host of ECPN’s What’s Your Extraordinary? podcast. She is a leadership developer, risk-taker, culture change agent,and lover of a sweaty workout. As an Innovation Practitioner with Platypus Labs, she elevates and transforms organizational cultures by systematically unlocking the creative potential of team members and applying it towards innovative outcomes.